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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Brü Grill and Market Review

"Where do you want to eat?" asked my father last night. "How about Bru?" So I went on Urbanspoon to read reviews and make our reservation. The reviews were positive and the prices were reasonable, so I made our reservation for 5:45 (6-7 being booked). As we walked in, you're pleasantly greeted by a kind host who of course asks you the norm. I told him we had a reservation and he told us about 5 min. While you wait, you can walk through this awesome little boutique full of wines, beer, cheeses, and other neat stuff able to purchase in the future. He called our name and he guided us to our table. We sat down and I admired the modern-rustic decor they were sporting. It was quite loud which wasn't a big surprise since the bar and the dining area were right next to each other. We browsed the menu and ordered the Something Cured (A salami board with olives, pecans, and apple chutney) and the Bru Cru (Pretzel Bread with a Brie and Mustard dipping Sauce). They were both pretty good and I couldn't wait to order! I ordered the Diver Sea Scallops, My father ordered the Petite Filet and My mom ordered the short ribs. We got our food and dug in. I really liked my Scallops, they were cooked perfectly and had an awesome lobster sauce to go with it but did contain a lot of salt. My mom's short ribs which were moist, but kind of bland but it also came with a bread pudding which was extremely Dry! So she gave hers a C. My dad's Filet was well... bland... there was no seasoning at all on it, no salt, no pepper, nothing but it did come with a wine reduction sauce which lacked flavor. The head chef saw us looking over our food and asked us whats wrong. We told him that the Filet was flavorless and he gave us more flavorless wine reduction. So then we ordered our dessert, which was a Chocolate Toffee Cake. We received our final course and again to our disappointment was not moist at all. So over all it wasn't a good experience, especially since the total cost for 3 people was $145 plus tip.  It is a new restaurant and I think they are going through MAJOR opening pains which hopefully will be worked out soon. I am excited to see any changes they will make in this coming year and I'm curious to go back and see how it all turns out!

Brü Grill & Market on Urbanspoon

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